Transforming gas station operation system

Experience Design
for flagship restaurant

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How did we digitally transform one of Thailand’s largest gas station, providing a better experience for all stakeholders using just 1 LINE official account?  

the challenge

          To digitally transform a gas station operation system may require a lot. First, we need to truly understand what happened, both in front and behind the scenes. Not only customer experience where lead to increasing of sales, they also needed trackable tools that help their staff work easier & keep an eye on all the activities, including lube, carwash, that happened in a gas station, a place where data is exchanging all the time but have never been track.  

the solution

          We come up with an idea of using LINE official account, a platform widely used by Thais, rather than implementing it on other digital platforms. As we developed LINE where all users able to finish their owned flow within the same LINE official account, whether you are the manager, staffs or end customer. Not only make it easier for all, but also saved up to xxx% of the development cost, when compared to the others way of work. Where each touch point customer can find what there need pop up on their screen  


Design and Develop a LiNE OA where all stakeholders can easily access to Shell services


Shell customer entered gas station with special offer pop up on their screen


Staff log into the same LINE OA with special code and get notify when there is a booking or purchasing


Provide insightful data of all activities happened in the gas station 

the result

Better Experience + Easier work + Trackable Data


Shell Kanchanaphisek welcomed more than xxk customer on daily basis 


Purchasing and booking made on LINE OA platform 


Insightful real-time data providing to shell  


Increase sales of shell services
compared to previous stats

Get the better experience today! Come visit us at Shell Kanchanaphisek. And many more in near future.